Final Project Update

Hello all,

For my progress on my final project (an online teaching portfolio), see this page:

So far, I’ve completed the following:

  1. About page
    1. a professional picture – incomplete
    2. a professional biography – complete
    3. my educational background – complete
    4. a personal biography – complete
  2. Teaching page
    1. my teaching statement – complete
    2. a teaching example (video) – complete
    3. my teaching experience – complete
    4. my specialty presentations – complete
    5. my teaching workshops – complete
    6. Subpages
      1. introductory psychology – incomplete
      2. research methods – incomplete (this page will stay incomplete, as I will not teach this class until summer II)
      3. social statistics – incomplete
      4. additional courses – incomplete
  3. Service page (this page may stay incomplete, as I’m uncertain if I have the time to complete it this semester)
    1. my service philosophy – incomplete
    2. my service experience – incomplete
  4. Research page (this page may stay incomplete, as I’m uncertain if I have the time to complete it this semester)
    1. my research statement – incomplete
    2. my research interests – complete
    3. my available datasets – complete
    4. my existing publications – complete
    5. my working manuscripts – complete
    6. my grant applications – complete
    7. my conference presentations – complete
  5. Contact page
    1. my contact information – complete
    2. a message portal – complete

5 thoughts on “Final Project Update

  1. Tess,
    You’ve gotten a lot of work done. I like your color palette for the website.

    Does Wix offer anything for mobile optimization? If you have time, it might be something to look into. Either that, or perhaps make a note by the URL that it’s best viewed on a monitor.

    Great work. I’m excited to see the final product!


  2. Hey Tess – Your website is looking lovely! It’s easy to navigate and attractive. I think it will be a great final project. I like your service page and that may be something I need to add to my Portfolium page… !

    See you in class! Laura


  3. Tess,
    Wow! These portfolios are a lot of work. Anyway, I’m impressed by all your publications! I’ve never been part of a faculty hiring committee and I’ve never applied for a faculty position. Do the committee members look for a website and navigate through it? Just curious how faculty hiring works.


  4. Hi Tess,

    I think you have done a great job. I love the layout and the way you have provided your future plans, examples and student feedback. The finished portfolio is going to be Great! Nice Work!



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