Final Project Proposal

I have chosen to complete Option 1 for the final project, the teaching portfolio. To make the teaching portfolio more interactive, I will be creating a website for it using Wix. This way, when I start applying to jobs next year, I can merely direct potential employers to the website. It will include the following components, each separated onto different pages:

  1. About page
    1. This page will detail the basic information about me, both professional and personal. It will incorporate: 1) a professional picture, 2) a professional biography, which will describe my development as a psychologist and my ultimate career goals in academia, 3) my educational background, which will list my undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs as well as my milestone achievements (e.g., thesis, dissertation, graduate certificate in college teaching), and 4) a personal biography, which will describe what I enjoy doing in my spare time (e.g., spending time with my dogs, working on art projects) and provide pictures to give a more tangible depiction of my personality.
  2. Teaching page
    1. This page will detail my orientation and experience in teaching. It will incorporate: 1) my teaching statement, 2) a teaching example, which will take the form of the teaching video module from this class, 3) my teaching experience, which will list the classes I have taught, 4) my specialty presentations, which will list the presentations I have given for various institutions, outside of conferences, and 5) my teaching workshops, which will list the teaching workshops I have attended.
    2. This page will also include subpages for each of the two classes I have taught (e.g., introduction to psychology, statistics) and one page for the classes I hope to teach. Each of these pages will incorporate 1) a background description, which will detail my experience with the course, 2) my example activities, which will include links to the full activity guidelines, 3) my future plans, which will explain what I hope to do with the course in the future, and 4) my student reviews (for the classes I have taught), which will provide example reviews along with links to the full list of student reviews.
  3. Service page
    1. This page will detail my style in service. It will incorporate: 1) my service philosophy, which will be a brief description of how I approach service, and 2) my service experience, which will list my experience with service, no matter the form it takes.
  4. Research page
    1. This page will detail my direction and progress in research. It will incorporate: 1) my research statement, which will describe my orientation to research, 2) my research interests, 3) my available datasets, which I will bring to my future position to use with undergraduates in their research endeavors, 4) my existing publications, which will include both the citation and the link to the article itself, 5) my working manuscripts, which are those that are in preparation or under review, 6) my grant applications, which were either funded or not funded, and 7) my conference presentations.
  5. Contact page
    1. This page will detail how to get into touch with me. It will incorporate 1) my contact information, which will include my university email, telephone number, and office location, and 2) a message portal, which individuals can use to send me a message through the website.

I do hope that I can get this done, but I am a bit “computer-stupid”, so fingers crossed! Please wish me luck. I will need it!


I’ve never found a four-leaf clover before, but maybe it is time to start looking.

Until next time, bye!

4 thoughts on “Final Project Proposal

  1. Tess, your portfolio sounds awesome! You gave great details, and I can tell you’ve put a lot of thought into it. I like that you’ll be adding your personal bio in there that includes your hobbies so that people can also get a sense of who you are before ever meeting you. In addition, I liked the subpages idea and the service philosophy. Good stuff! I look forward to seeing your portfolio.


  2. Hi Tess,
    This looks great, and I think you will find it incredibly useful when applying for a position. For the purposes of this class, you can just focus on the teaching aspects and save the research and service for later (just saying in case you find yourself short of time–you can certainly include all of them if you get to it).


  3. Hi Tess,

    I think this is going to be extremely beneficial as an addition to all your job applications in the coming months. If you run into any technical difficulties, the people in the digital humanities office in Gorgas would probably be good for troubleshooting. They are extremely knowledgable and helpful.


  4. Hi Tess,

    This is a great outline that you have provided of your portfolio. Excellent choice to use Wix as a tool for creating it. I think that everything that you have included would be a great asset to your portfolio. I look forward to reviewing your portfolio.



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