Metacognition Module Reflection

In sum, I would say that I’m 75% happy with my video.

The Pros: Lecture, Timing, Humor.


These parts of the video made me as happy as this dog.

It could be better, but I’m pleased with what I had to say over the audio. I think I was effective in explaining metacognition and applying it to study strategies, which I considered to be an appropriate application, given the intention of the video. Doing so, I believe I was able to compact a lot of information into less than 6 minutes. And, getting it under 6 minutes was quite a feat in itself. All in all, my script translated into over 10 minutes spoken aloud, but I was able to make the necessary cuts to make it shorter, which I believed improved the video greatly. I had to talk a little faster than I would usually, but I think the faster pace worked out well. I also liked that I was able to put in a few humorous items. I know it’s not the most important thing when it comes to teaching, but I like to spice up my lectures a bit to keep students engaged. However, I do try to keep the humor light, to keep it appropriate for the classroom. I think I did well with that in this video.

The Cons: Visuals.


These parts of the video made me as sad as this dog.

However, I’m not so happy with the visuals. I had hoped to video myself talking to the camera to show my face-to-face lecture style. Although I gave it a try, I soon gave up on that venture. I felt so awkward, which was reflected in the resulting product. That, coupled with thinking that I look young for a professor, pushed me to make the entire video a voice-over. I’m happy with that choice in the end, but I do wish I was able to figure out a way in which I was comfortable lecturing to the camera. I was also hoping to use advanced software for the visuals. Sadly, it turned out the software I was looking at (i.e., Camtasia) is only editing software. So, I ended up using PowerPoint and Tegrity. After the assignment was submitted, I was inspired by a fellow student to check out a different software that would allow for the advanced features for which I was looking, but it’s $300. I certainly cannot afford that. Not now and probably not later. I think I’ve resigned myself to using the basics, but I believe I’m okay with that. I’m learning more about PowerPoint and think it will serve my purposes well for upcoming plans – I’m going to try to make interactive book chapters for readings by editing an open access textbook in PowerPoint – even though I’m trying to lecture almost never in future classes.

P.S. I’m currently redoing this assignment, trying to improve it, as I want to post the video on my teaching portfolio website. So, constructive criticism is very welcome – please share your thoughts!


3 thoughts on “Metacognition Module Reflection

  1. Tess – Humor is key and I think you did a fine job. You can record on Camtasia, and Screencast-o-matic does a fine job as well (the paid version is $15/year). I have a friend who shoots video on his iPhone and it looks fab! He uses an APP to edit 🙂 There are always area everyone can improve on, and one of my friends who is a professor says it takes 3x to get a lesson taught in a way she is happy with it!


  2. Hi Tess,

    I think that we are all more severe critics of our own work than others, and I do want to say that I found your module to be helpful and engaging. That being said, I also think that this assignment forced us to fit a lot of content into a very small time frame, and hopefully, we will all be able to break things up into smaller chunks in our own teaching. If you’re frustrated with PowerPoint and Tegrity (I certainly can empathize with that!) I think that you probably can find some other free resources that might be a bit more what you’re looking for re: visuals. 🙂


  3. Hi Tess,
    Thanks for your thoughtful reflections. I think you did a nice job on the video and on your analysis of it. I’m impressed that you are re-doing it, and I think it is a good idea so that you can represent your teaching approach when you look for jobs. Well done!


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