Metacognition Video

Hello all,

Here is my video for my teaching module on metacognition:

After the video, to check your learning, here are your two challenges:

First, give the metacognitive strategies discussed in this talk a try, doing so within 48 hours and continuing for a couple of weeks. Human beings are a distractable species, so trying these strategies now rather than later improves the chances of successful implementation. And, because these are strategies that are based in skills, they will take some time to be effective. So be patient with yourself.

Second, by using metacognition to evaluate what you need to do better in classes, design and implement your own metacognitive strategies, built on what you believe will help you best.

And, if you can, make sure to let me know how these two challenges go by posting in the comment section below!


7 thoughts on “Metacognition Video

  1. Tess!

    I loved your video! You broke down Metacognition in a great way that really allowed me to understand the topic. You did a wonderful job with the pictures and images. I also loved the practical examples. Also, great tips for all of us in school!



  2. • Did well: Liked the funny pictures; nice delivery. The “To Do” list was helpful to look at. “We learn more when we care” is certainly true for me.



  3. Great job, Tess! Metacognition can be a difficyult topic to break down and explain, but you handled it very well. I really liked the quasi flowchart you created with your visuals as well as the tips you offered. I wouldn’t bother with the expensive software you mentioned in your other post. I think the base version of Camtasia is fairly reasonable and judging from what you were able to do with the trial version I would say you could probably do everything you need with Camtasia. Also, I tried to record my video with the webcam the first few times and gave up on it as well. Just seemed awkward.


  4. Hi Tess,

    Great Job!! Using the graphical representation along with the examples and the voice over worked perfectly for your topic. It helped me to learn more about metacognition. You had clear voice and I was able to understand everything that you presented. Thanks for the learning challenge, it helped. Job Well Done!!



  5. Tess,
    This video was phenomenal! You did a good job drawing viewers in, and incorporated many useful techniques to get your point across. The visuals were appropriate and helped me develop my understanding of the topic and the check list at the end was a nice way to help the message stick with people by outlining actions they can take! Good job!


  6. Hi Tess,
    I really enjoyed your video. You had a good topic, good organization, and were enthusiastic about it. I liked the focus on the strategies. And funny I used that clothes washing paragraph sometimes in faculty development sessions as well. The sound seemed to change just a bit at one point, but that could have been my computer…


  7. Hi Tess,

    I thought your video was well paced and easy to follow. I also really liked your laundry example; it was a good tangible way to think about the utility of using metacognition as a reading strategy. Maybe its because I’m biased as an ex-English teacher, but I think that using metacognition as a reading strategy is such an important skill for students to learn. I would be excited to talk more about strategies for teachers to use metacognition in their teaching in class Saturday if we have the time.


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