Hello all,

Let’s first start with the infamous graduate student introduction: I’m Tess, a second-year PhD student in experimental psychology here at UA. As an experimental, not clinical, psychologist-in-training, I want to assuage any concerns by emphasizing that I do not read minds, despite the accusations that have been levied every so often (although, after others get to know me, I am often identified as a smidge “eccentric” or “odd” or “weird”, which I always take as a compliment, no matter the intention of the speaker). Among the other responsibilities of graduate student life, I’m currently starting my dissertation, which is on interfaith intolerance, to add to existing research on alternative cultures in sexuality and religion. Hopefully, if all goes according to plan, I’ll graduate next year to transition to the life of a faculty member at a small liberal arts college in the northwest. Such is the next step in achieving my ultimate life goal of becoming a cantankerous old woman who lives in the woods with numerous well-loved dogs (I already have two!).

Yes, I agree. They are adorable.

But, here are three tidbits about me that are likely more enlightening than the above. I originally hail from Arizona, although I just spent the past three years in Texas – yet I have always felt my home was in Oregon, despite only visiting Portland twice in my life. For those who speak the language of psychological jargon, my big five personality profile is high openness, high conscientiousness, low extraversion, low agreeableness, and low neuroticism (if you want to know your big five personality profile, go here: In my spare time, I like to collect abandoned pieces of furniture and refurbish them, which satisfies my desire to be creative while also obeying my need to not spend a lot of money (because, graduate school).


This was my most recent project.

I look forward to getting to know you guys this semester, via online blog and real life. I have much to learn about teaching, so I’m glad to be here!

Until next time, bye!

2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Tess,
    You would make a good Alaskan. And I mean that in a positive way. I’ll check out the Big Five link. I’ve learned a lot about myself through these types of tests, and I’ve forced many college students to take the DiSC assessment. My dissertation will most likely incorporate Holland Codes. You know anything about them?


  2. Hi Tess, Nice to meet you! I look forward to working with you this term. I am a new dog person–can’t figure out how to post a pic in a comment–will show you our pupper in class tomorrow!


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